Tips For Winning Time Machine 5/9/15

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The May 9, 2015 Time Machine contest features the following question:

What will the all-time box office rank for the new movie JURASSIC WORLD be on July 8th?

If you have access to an actual time machine, you can of course simply travel to the future and retrieve the answer.  If not, you should familiarize yourself with and, specifically, this chart–which gives you the all-time box office (worldwide gross) ranks for over 600 movies.

On July 8th, at 11 AM CT, will Jurassic World be ranked 5th, 50th, 500th…or somewhere in between?  Learn more about Jurassic World, which opens June 12th, here.


Q: What is the deadline for entering?
A: All entries must be in by 11:30 pm CT on July 3rd, 2015.

Q: When exactly will the ranking for Time Machine be considered final?
A:  July 8, 2015 at 11 AM CT –per BoxOfficeMojo’s All-Time Box Office chart.


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