New Internet Income 2.0–Lesson #10: Organic Search Ranking–An Introduction

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New Internet Income 2.0–Lesson #10: Organic Search Ranking–An Introduction.



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BlackBerry Classic Preview: Browser and Amazon Appstore [VIDEO]

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Inside BlackBerry

BlackBerry Classic Click Image for High Res

Our previews of the BlackBerry Classic have proven to be quite popular. We’ve shown you what celebrities and fans consider a classic, how navigating is fast and familiar, and some useful keyboard shortcuts to keep you productive. Today, I’ll be showing you a little bit about the browser, which, as you’ll find in the video below, is 3x faster than that of a BlackBerry Bold 9900. I’ll also briefly show you the huge app selection available via BlackBerry World and the Amazon Appstore.

As you can see the browser is fast and renders websites beautifully on the BlackBerry Classic. The reality is that this video doesn’t even begin to touch on all the fantastic elements of this industry leading browser.

Top Rated has rated the BlackBerry 10 browser amongst the top of the mobile industry. I know this may seem like jargon to…

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In Defense of the Dance Major

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after the rain After the Rain – the first piece I choreographed at DeSales University, in 2005

Several months ago, I heard two interesting reports from NPR’s Planet Money team that focused on college majors and jobs – why people decide to pursue particular tracks of studies and the careers they hold as a result  As might be expected from a program entitled “Planet Money,” both of the these reports focused heavily on the economics of such decisions. Specifically, “What’s Your Major” took a look at the relationship between college majors and salaries, and the title of “Why Women Like Me Choose Lower Paying Jobs” pretty much says it all.

One topic that came up often as the various economic experts tried to justify why someone wouldn’t choose a more lucrative college major and career was “passion.” On some level, I think that is absolutely true. Some of us do make such…

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